Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shruti Haasan doesn’t have time for her father

Shruti Haasan is a busy actress these days. But do you know how busy she is. Well, she doesn’t even have time to work with her dad, that busy. Yes, she had a chance to work on screen with her own father. But the busy schedule of Shruti isn’t permitting her to work with the veteran Kamal Haasan.
Bitter Chocolate was the film that would have given her the opportunity to work with her father. However, Shruti has as many as six films under her belt and there is no way she can spare time for her father.
Speaking about Bitter Chocolate, Shruti said that she had mixed emotions about the film. She felt happy as well as sad, Shruti said. The reason for happiness is that she has some films to do and the sad part is that she won’t be getting to work with her father.
Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya and D-Day are the two Bollywood films for which she just finished the shooting.