Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why did Kriti Sanon leave Prabhudeva’s Singh Is Bling?

Heropanti actress Kriti Sanon has decided to step out from Singh Is Bling. The film will be directed by Prabhudeva and Akshay Kumar will be in the lead role in this flick. Was it easy to let go a project that stalwarts like Akshay Kumar and Prabhudeva? Or did Kirti get another lucrative assignment that she left the previous one?
The actress herself has confirmed the reports that she won’t be doing the film. However, she has her own version for the same. She said that the film has been getting delayed every now and then. The other reason is that Kirti is also engaged with other projects.
And as the delay in Singh is Bling, the dates of Kirti’s other projects are now clashing. So for her there was no option but to bid the film goodbye. However, she said that she was willing to do the film. But now, she has been replaced by Amy Jackson.
Kirti made her Bollywood debut with the film Heropanti in 2014.