Sunday, November 8, 2015

Actress Rehaa Khann will celebreate a cracker-free Diwali

The festival of lights – Diwali, is just round the corner. In fact, in some parts of India, the festival has already got underway. Diwali is a major festival for many Indians. The two key arms of this festival are sweets prepared at home and fire cracking. Almost every household bursts crackers to celebrate the festival.

There is always news pouring in from all quarters of the country, especially Bollywood regarding how the actors and actresses celebrate the festival of lights. This time, we are talking about actresses Rehaa Khann. Rehaa is all geared up to celebrate Diwali with colleagues from the industry and her close friends. The lady wants the Diwali to be cracker-free.
Rehaa Khann wants to make the people aware of how hazardous the consequences of air pollution can be. We can use eco-friendly crackers so they don’t pollute air. There are other options like paper flutters and colored lights, which do not even cause any noisy sounds. “This time again I will light up my house with candles and diyas, decorating houses with rangoli and recycled material instead of plastic accessories”, Rehaa said.
I have also written an article about celebrating safer Diwali here. It is vital we too put in our efforts in preserving our environment.

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