Friday, January 7, 2011

What does Hollywood Love?

Claudia Schiffer at the Cannes film festivalImage via WikipediaHumans are animals of a kind. No one can predict what will enter in whose head. Each one has got own unique hobby. There are some who collect coins. There are some who collect old and new and all kinds of stamps. Yet there are some who are autograph-savvy. The collection-mania has been spread the world over. Knowingly or unknowingly we keep the idea fresh in our head and follow it too.
But collecting coins, stamps and signatures are all hobbies and obsessions of the Mama's boy and straightforward. Then what's out of the way? Ask Hollywood stars.
Angelina Jolie - Angelina has a vast collection of knives. And not just any knives, the knives in her possession are all antique pieces.

Tom Hanks - He is interested in keeping what? Typewriters. Tom has a worldwide collection of them. And he has to pay huge sums to get them up to him from any part of the world. And he does do it anyhow without thinking much of what he will have to pay.
Quentin Tarantino - Tarantino has a passion for old board games. This collection mainly features board games that were once related to TV shows.
Nicole Kidman - And at last we have someone as said above, who has a passion for collecting coins. Yes, and it's Nicole Kidman. Kidman has a collection of coins. But these are all pretty rare and ancient Judean.
Demi Moore - Ms. Moore has an assembly of dolls. Wow. A good-looking lass will keep what else - good-looking dolls. And these are no ordinary dolls. They are fairly pricey.
Briteney Spears - The Pop Queen too has developed a hobby of her own. And that too befits her. Like Ms. Moore, Ms. Spears too collects and keeps dolls. But she has also antique dolls in her possession. Along with this she also has porcelain items that are as delicate as their mistress.
Johhny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean Star Johhny Depp has an inside obsession. He likes to buy skeletons and that too of former mail servers - the pigeons.
And now this is about the King of Pop - Michael Jackson. What do you think he collects? Well, no marks for guessing that the King of Pop has a collection of harps - Egyptian harps. But knowing that MJ had a penchant for horse carriages too would flabbergast one and all.
But German model Claudia Schiffer should top this list. This lass is in love with insects. Yes, you read it right - insects. Claudia loves to hang dried bugs on the walls. Can you believe it?

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  1. That's quiet interesting to know who loves what. Nice collection.

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    Anyways, a big thanks nevertheless.