Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez ready to bear it all for Murder 2

Ever since Jacqueline Fernandez has replaced Mallika Sherawat for ‘Murder 2’, she is on cloud nine. She is ecstatic about her role and is booming to go. This is one of the major roles Jacqueline Fernandez has got, ever since she has stepped in Bollywood. To emphasize this, she has got philosophical and a little hot too.

According to Jacqueline Fernandez, she is ready to shed off all the clothes if the need of the hour is. “Of course, otherwise why are you an actor,” she said booming with confidence when she was asked if she is ready to expose herself.

The 26-year old actress is well aware of the fact how Mallika was hot and steamy in the 2004 flick Murder. She does not want to be counted off or be left behind in the race against Ms. Sherawat.
As she has got a chance of a lifetime, the bold actress is asking philosophical questions. She said that she does not understand why people are actors if they are not ready to do it – shed clothes. She also said that, she was a serious actor and so she would do everything to play her part of the character.
Well, let’s see Mallika approaches this!


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