Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camera flashes show Baywatch star Pamela Anderson braless

Technology sometimes reveals those things, which might we might never have known otherwise. Such unwanted revelation was in store for the Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. Well, even if such “revelation” is not new to her, why it was out of the blue, is because she was totally unaware of this.
It so happened that, she had gone for a party at the Beverly Hills on Sunday night. She was wearing a black dress in which she was looking as sexy as ever. When she was coming out, at the end of the party, photographers crowded to take her pictures. There were so many of them at one time that, the flashes of the cameras continued unabated.

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It was then that there was a startling revelation. The flashes revealed Pamela completely and it came to the notice of the photographers that, Pammie was not wearing a bra inside her black dress. Poor Pammie was unaware of this until then. On the contrary, she posed for more pictures allowing the photographers to get more of her pictures.

She then suddenly realized that she was not wearing a bra from inside. When she realized this, she made a beeline towards her car with folded hands on her chest.


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