Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toilet problems for Pamela Anderson?

We have had a lot of sweet talk about Pamela Anderson even before she came. The sweet talks are still continuing. She did this, she did that, all the stuff which are highlighting her every now and then. However, did anyone know that Pamela Anderson is facing a very very basic problem?
According to her agents, there is not even a 'comfortable' toilet for the sexy lady. Now, when they say 'comfortable', it needs to be seen how they have defined 'comfortable'. But the talks are that, there is not a single toilet on which Pamela can sit comfortably.
The sources say, the organizers are busy finding a different place where Pamela Anderson can live with ease.
We will keep you updated about the latest news about Pamela Anderson here!


  1. I feel sorry to read about Pammie.

  2. Hi Anonymous, is it you again? Thanks for commenting. The next time you comment, please let it be with your id. Thanx!!!

  3. Pamela knows how to be in limelight. She keeps on doing one or the other weird things to be in limelight. Know more about her at - http://latexr.com/sex-bomb-pamela-in-red-latex

  4. Whatever she does, it is right or wrong in our view. But as a celebrity she has to do it. I fully agree with what Pammie did or will do.