Saturday, November 27, 2010

Delhi is unsafe for women: Gul Panag

It is a very important comment to be passed on for any place. Delhi remains unsafe for women, is what the actress and fitness freak Gul Panag feels. She was in Delhi to attend the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 some days back. But this year’s Half Marathon will be in the memory of Gul Panag for the wrong reasons and she would make concrete efforts to forget them as soon as possible.

During her run, she was touched in uncomfortable body parts by the men and boys passing by her. This happened when there was an unexpected mini-stampede. Naturally enough, Gul Panag was both angry and disappointed. However, she was not surprised by the way she got treated because she knew it was a place like Delhi.

Gul Panag was born and brought up in Delhi. So she knows how the place is. She admitted that there have been improvements over the years in the infrastructure and other basic needs. However, when it comes to the people, it’s all over the same story.

The statements of Panag are true as a survey shows that there are around 70 per cent women who feel Delhi is unsafe for women.


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