Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is Bigg Boss really a show for the adults?

Even in the 21st century, India is recognized for her values and her rich culture. Whenever you think of India, you know you are thinking of an altogether different country on the planet. India has got the culture to hold on to the roots that are threatened by the western culture. In India it is known as Westernization. Adopting the western culture and letting go through one's own, is what India has been doing of late.
There can be hundreds of examples put forth of how India is embracing the western culture. India has just seen the festival of lights - Diwali. Light is worshiped in India and is dimmed as something spiritual and divine. When its twilight, people switch on the lights and burn lamps.
Nevertheless, what do we see when celebrating birthdays of kids? A lamp is lit and is deliberately doused by blowing air through the mouth. Can any Indian do it to his deity? We take care that the wind does not douse the lamp. We cup the lamp with hands and prevent it from getting doused. Dousing the lamp is considered a bad omen.
If these things are not taken into consideration, then why should there be an uproar that the Bigg Boss is vulgar and it makes bad impression on kids? Either ways, do the parents take care to see that such values are adopted by their children? Then how much would it help by just changing the time of a programme like Bigg Boss?


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