Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why didn’t Richa Chadha celebrate New Year?

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha was not in the mood to celebrate the New Year. No marks for guessing though. Richa Chadha comes from Delhi – the place that is highly becoming a hub of rapes. At such times, it is it is really against humanity to get involved in celebrations at that is exactly what Richa did.
Richa Chadha comes from Delhi and like many of us she was also grieved by the gruesome incidents that are taking place in her home city of Delhi. The brutal gang rape of the 23-year old woman in Delhi on the fateful night of December 16 and her subsequent unfortunate death in Singapore, prompted her to skip this year's New Year celebrations.
On other occasions, Richa does celebrate the New Year along with her friends and the partying does go on. It is an occasion to usher in the first day of the New Year. However, this year proved to be an exception for many people from different walks of life. Bollywood was one of the highly affected industries this time around.