Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sonam Kapoor to lose weight

Sonam Kapoor will be working to lose weight and need to get back in shape for her forthcoming film. In this film, Ram Patan Dhan Payo, she will be starring opposite Salman Khan. But have you seen Sonam overweight and that she needs to work on her weight? Well, you may not have seen the Kapoor girl bulky on screen, but she needed to drop about seven to eight kilos of weight.

With Salman in the lead, Sonam will have to be in her best figure, as this macho man himself is. After all, the pair will be romancing on the silver screen. Sonam has already started dieting with the help of her trainer Radhika. But it is not the conventional type of dieting and famishing herself. Sonam, in fact, is eating her favorite dishes that include non-veg stuff too.
So, we will soon see a Sonam Kapoor who has eaten all her loved food and still remained in shape. It's a good message out there for the young girls who think they should famish to remain in shape. But Sonam's a great example!