Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ekta Kapoor wants parts of Ragini MMS to be re-shot

One of the most talked-about films these days is Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS. The shooting of the film is going on in full swing. But the producer is unhappy with the way some of the hot scenes are shot. Ekta thinks these are the most important scenes for the film, which will heat up the screens for sure.
The scenes that Ekta is talking about are those around which the entire story is based. That is why, according to her, there needs to be more passion in these scenes especially than the rest of the other. Ekta explained that the actor in the story is a North Indian guy, who is more aggressive by nature. This aggression was missing during their first phase of the shoot.
It was not clear when the re-shoot would take place. There has been no negative approach shown by both the actors when they were asked to re-shoot the scenes.
Rajkumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala are the two lesser known actors who will be seen in this much-hyped movie.


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