Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tusshar Kapoor fights with director Sagar Ballary

Tusshar Kapoor is an actor with a cool tempered, at least he hasn’t been known otherwise. However, a fight with director Sagar Ballary proved that he can lose his temper too. These two almost came to blows in broad daylight and in front of everyone present there. But no one dared interfere in the fight. This took place at a shopping mall in Mumbai, the place where they were shooting.
Actually, Tusshar was busy working nonstop and literally without any rest. This is the prime reason for the scuffle between the two. It was Tusshar who screamed at the director. Sagar Ballary, is a man who dislikes getting dictated by anyone. Even Minissha Lamba and Shreyas Talpade, were silent spectators to all this drama. Neither Sagar Ballary nor Tusshar Kapoor denied the fight.
Scuffles like these are bound to happen when there are loads of works from all quarters. However, the possibility increases amongst the professionals.


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