Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fall in a relationship - can you pick up yourself?

That is one thing that is really difficult to do. The first thing is picking up oneself and that is the thing that no one is good at or at least no one would want to do. I have gone through a fall in my relationship which I cared the most and the experience was a really harsh one. The was that no one was aware of my relationship at my house and all that I had to do, I was alone.
I had to manage all that myself. The reason was that my family was rather too a fundamentalist type and I was sure they would not approve of this relationship of mine. That is why I did not disclose the matter to anyone at my home. Who knew all this was only my mother and one of my sisters who did not oppose me.
 But when things went horribly wrong, I was alone at the receiving end. Nevertheless, I had these two ladies by my side. But did not have the guts to tell them what all had happened.
The reason was not that I was afraid or was backing off, but the real reason was that, I cared for my mother and dear sister and did not want to hurt them. They would have got a shock had I revaled them about my breakup. So, all I was to myself. Nevertheless, the time was a harsh one and it took ages to come to terms with the real life.


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