Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chennai Express is setting records in Pakistan

The Rohit Shetty directed Chennai Express is setting and breaking records even in Pakistan. As the film released in eight screens in Karachi, the film grossed in excess of Rs. 4 crores. And there were expectations that the figure would keep mounting.
The film has proved to be a biggest box office success ever since the government in Pakistan allowed screening the Indian films. The information was given by Mohammad Qadri, who is the media spokesman for the IMGC.
The IMGC is the largest distribution company in Pakistan. It manages its business from Lahore and has to import the Indian films from Dubai.
Mohammad Qadri further added that the accurate figures couldn’t be given at the moment. But it was certain from the ticket sales that the blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone had grossed well over Rs. 40 million.
The previous record was in the name of another Khan – Salman Khan for his film Dabangg in Karachi. As far as Chennai Express is concerned, there was so much rush and demand for the tickets that looking at the response some cinema hall owners increased the price of the tickets.

The increase in the prices didn’t stop the people from visiting the cinema halls even when there were almost five to six screenings of the films in a single day.