Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daniel Weber Sunny Leone’s husband doesn’t have Bollywood aims

Bollywood is becoming a hub for many foreign stars. But for Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber, things aren’t the same. When on one hand his wife has ambitions in Bollywood, Daniel Weber doesn’t. He may be making his debut in Jackpot, but does not believe in making a career in B-town.
Speaking about his acting he said that he is not at all interested in doing Bollywood films. He added that he owns a production house back in the US and is currently managing it from India. He also has to look after the schedule of his wife.
Though Daniel is not interested in Bollywood, he is making it a point to learn Hindi. He is also getting guidance about the same from Sunny herself. He said that he is learning the language so that he can run his business smoothly in India.

He made it clear that the couple has shifted base from the United States to India and especially in Mumbai. And when they are staying in India, they should know the Indian language. This should not be linked with him making a career in Hindi films.