Friday, June 12, 2015

It’s out in the open – Huma Qureshi’s secret love

They say, a lie and a secret can never be concealed forever. And there is no exception to this rule and no person either. On the contrary, the more well-known a person, the harder it is to hide things from the public eye.
Image: Santabanta.com
Well, the same has happened about Huma Qureshi – the Pakistani actress who has now become a part of Bollywood. So, what’s Huma’s love? Well, don’t start taking names yet. We are talking about the fashion accessories that Huma so much likes to wear.
As a matter of fact, she has a varied collection of such accessories. The actress can always be seen with at least one of her favorite accessories. Even when she has to shoot or travel, putting on accessories is always on her mind. What’s more, she even likes shopping them.
Huma is of the opinion that putting on accessories makes a style statement.