Monday, June 1, 2015

Rakhi Sawant takes a dig at Sunny Leone

Rakhi Sawant, the opportunist who knows how to remain in the news, has once again managed to grab the headlines. She has once again made bold statements, of which she is neither afraid of nor cares about.
The bold Indian girl uploaded a video on YouTube last week. In the video Rakhi ‘ordered’ Sunny “You, Sunny Leone, get lost from my India....get lost from my film industry....”
Now, what’s the reason for Rakhi to put up a video in that way? Is it the fact that Rakhi is feeling insecure in front of Sunny or is she just using Sunny’s name to get in the news once again? Well, it’s your call and you have to decide that.

The message is crystal clear. Rakhi wants Sunny to leave both Bollywood and India. The bold and aggressive statements from Rakhi just didn’t stop here. She has even gone on to say that it is Sunny who is the reason for her to wear meager cloths.
Rakhi says that Sunny Leone is the reason why she and other Indian girls are forced to wear skimpy cloths. But then the simple question is didn’t Rakhi Sawant or other Indian girls were inadequate cloths before the arrival of Sunny?

Please take your pick!!!