Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sadie Frost still finds Jude Law as her true love

Eight long years have passed since actress Sadie Frost has divorced from her husband Jude Law. However, she still feels that he is the true love of her life. Sadie feels that she has a very healthy relationship with her ex-husband. The actress still feels the same for Jude as she felt for him during their relationship.
“He is the most amazing man and the love of my life”, Sadie was reported as saying. She said that she loved him right from the beginning. She said that she has huge respect for him even when she is divorced for eight long years now. Sadie actress has three children with Jude Law.
These were some of the nostalgic statements made by the Beyond the Rave actress. She is however happy that she spent some of the most beautiful years of his life with Jude Law. For Sadie Frost, the love of Jude meant everything to her and it still remains the same.