Monday, August 1, 2011

Tanushree Dutta ready to shed clothes for fast money

The out of picture Tanushree Dutta is raring to come back on the big screen. However, yet there are no concrete signs of that happening anytime soon. At least the current picture says so. But she has found a short-cut (may be let us say something like Poonam Pandey did).
Tanushree Dutta has said that she is ready to drop her clothes and do some skin show provided the right amount is offered to her. Tanushree has also gone on to say that if she gets the right amount of remuneration, she has no hesitation to do kissing scenes as well.
Tanushree Dutta was last seen in the Bollywood film Apartment that was released last year. Apart from that her couple of films was released in the same year. Since then there have been no takers for her and what she wants is a comeback to the silver screen. No wonder, a scorching hot comeback will make a difference to her and her career instead of only getting a certain role.
The sexy actress has said that she has set a price tag for herself and it is the producers who have to act in accordance with that. Now let us see if there are any takers for Tanushree Dutta.
Is any producer listening out there!