Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anita Advani tells why she never married Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna might have been a superstar – the first ever in the eyes of his fans. However, he was still an arrogant man says Anita Advani. Anita Advani came in the picture after Rajesh Khanna had taken seriously ill. She remained in the news even after some days after his death and even today.
If the version of Anita Advani is to be believed, kakaji, as Rajesh Khanna was affectionately called, was an arrogant man. She said this referring to the fact that some people were saying that he had taken the help of his son-in-law – Akshay Kumar. She said that he never accepted any sort of financial help from Akshay.
As far as her marriage with Rajesh Khanna is concerned, she said that there was never going to be a question of marriage. Anita added that though she lived with Rajesh Khanna as a wife, he had not divorced from Dimple. That is the reason why their marriage was never going to be a possibility.