Monday, September 24, 2012

Archana Vijaya says only Bollywood and cricket go well in India

Archana Vijaya is the second Mandira Bedi of Indian cricket. She has been associated with the IPL for quite a while now. According to the beautiful lady, there are only a couple of things that sell in India – cricket and Bollywood. Archana Vijaya was herself passionate about the game of cricket, so becoming a TV presenter was not a difficult job for her.
Her father was into cricket and so naturally, Archana got involved with the sport. Watching cricket was the primary thing she did when she was in the school. However, apart from cricket, there are gymnastics, tennis and football that she is fond of.
Speaking about the profession, she says that it is the package that matters a lot. According to Archana Vijaya, good packages come at two places – Bollywood and cricket. As far as Archana Vijaya is concerned, it is an exciting thing for her to be a presenter during the IPL matches and people comparing her to Mandira Bedi.
Archana Vijaya had been seen in various hot attires during the IPL seasons of late. No wonder, she is the best thing to happen to IPL. But let is admit it, she was exposing a bit too much during the last season of the IPL, but looked gorgeous in a saree.