Friday, September 21, 2012

Paoli Dam is back with her second Hindi film

Who might have forgotten the dare bare poster of Paoli Dam in her first ever Bollywood flick Hate Story. She made headlines through the scorching poster, with her bare back to tell the tale. It was the first of its kind poster of a film that showed the leading lady this way.
However, after the release of Hate Story, the sex bomb went missing. The Bengali beauty was nowhere to be seen. In the meantime, however, Vikram Bhatt had announced a film with Paoli. The subject of the film was on wife swapping. However, the film has also taken a backseat now.
Paoli is now busy with another project – yet again with Vikram Bhatt. The film is said to be a courtroom drama. However, as far as her debut film is concerned, she said that she had to do the hot and steamy scenes as the film itself was an erotic thriller. But with her second film, she tried to do the cover up act.
Her second film, which is a drama in the courtroom is said to have been inspired by a true incident and is based on the topic of medical negligence. Paoli Dam plays a lawyer in the film.