Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mallika Sherawat is an icon of sensuality: Vivek Oberoi

Mallika Sherawat and Vivek Oberoi are paired opposite each other in their upcoming film Kismat Love Paisa Dilli. According to Vivek Oberoi, the potential of Mallika Sherawat hasn’t been recognized yet. She is a far more a talented actress, he feels. She has been known to be a bold and dare bare actress in the industry.
Vivek Oberoi feels that Mallika has had a fair contribution for a bold woman. She has played the roles of a humble and timid girl to a powerful woman in India. Vivek was spacing during the promotional event of the movie.
Mallika Sherawat was not to be left behind when it came to talking about Vivek Oberoi and the character he plays in the film. She said that his character is ‘horniest’. However, she did not forget to mention that he is a gentleman when it comes to private life.
When it comes to speaking about his private life, he is expecting his first baby. He recently got married to Priyanka. He is also busy doing as many as nine films this year alone.