Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is Kapil Sharma engaged to Preeti Simoes or Ginni?

Comedian Kapil Sharma has been in the news for the reasons of late. But the latest is the news of his alleged relationship with either Preeti Simoes or Ginni. There is no doubt that stardom does come with a price and Kapil Sharma is one of the latest in the list of those people to experience this.
There have been talks about Kapil being in a relationship with Preeti Simoes and some say that Kapil is very close to Ginni as well. A source close to Kapil is however, defending him. According to this unidentified source, these developments have come at a very wrong time. Kapil is just getting used to life after fire caught the sets of his show that caused pretty heavy losses.
All the co-stars are making attempts to get things back on track.And these kinds of rumors are only adding to the troubles of the comedian, the source said.

There is no need to ask Kapil about this. No wonder, he is denying both the relationships. He said that he isn’t dating anyone and the only relationship he has is with his work.