Thursday, October 24, 2013

Legendary singer Manna Dey passes away

The legendary singer Manna Dey passed away this morning in the city of Bengaluru. Probodh Chandra Dey, popularly known as Manna Dey, was 94 at the time of his death.
Manna Dey sang thousands of songs in Bollywood and he made each song unique with his excellent throw of words and his diction. Apart from that the melodious voice that he was gifted with, captivated the audience all the while.
Not many might know that Manna Dey was very keenly interested in boxing as well as in wrestling. And not only that, he excelled in both these sports himself. However, it was from school days itself that he got interested in singing. His first achievement was winning the Best Singer award for three times on the trot.
He later took lessons from many well-known singers and ustads of those days and went on to become a great singer himself.

Rest in peace, Manna Da!