Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Salman Khan not to host next season of Bigg Boss? Explains his stand

Salman Khan has been pretty off with the reality show Bigg Boss 7 and he has even said that he will not be hosting the next season of the reality show. That might have come as a shock to many people and Salman’s fans as well. However, the mega star has come up with his explanation of his decision.
It was a sort of an outburst against Kushal Tandon, who is one of the contestants in the show. He was being categorically rude to another contestant and housemate Tanisha. He was also said to be trying to escape from doing a task that the contestants are given during the show.
This is when Salman said that Kushal Tandon’s actions might make him leave the show and he may not turn up to host the next season as well. Salman added that his anger was pretty genuine and that there was nothing fake in it.

Defending himself he said to the audience that you people see just one hour of the show (to jump to conclusions) and he has to take the entire developments into consideration.