Monday, November 4, 2013

Priyanka Chopra still hasn’t found her Mr. Right

Priyanka Chopra is still in the search for her Mr. Right. She says that she still hasn’t found her ‘special one’ yet and that would be the person whom she would want to marry. Priyanka saidI am not getting married anytime soon. I haven’t yet found the special one with whom I would like to settle down.”
However, her brother has gone a step forward and will be getting married in the next year. Siddharth Chopra, Priyanka’s brother has got engaged to Kanika Mathur. The two have been seeing each other for three years now.
Speaking about that Priyanka said that the decision (to get married to Kanika) was that of her brother and that they all support it. And before she was asked about her own marriage, Priyanka said that she knew what she would be asked and told about the decision herself. She also said that there isn’t any pressure on her from her family about getting married.

Priyanka is really busy these days with the Mary Kom biopic apart from other project Gunday. Her latest release Krrish 3 is also doing great at the box office.