Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunny Leone injured during an action stunt

Adult star Sunny Leone got injured while shooting an action stunt for her upcoming film. She was doing an action sequence for the film Tina and Lolo when the incident happened. The film needs the actress to carry out some heavy duty action scenes and Sunny got hurt while performing one such scene.
The required the actresses to jump over a car on to a pack of baddies who were shooting right in their direction and they needed to get them down.
The film is an entirely action packed movie and Sunny Leone along with her co-star Karishma Tanna were doing a scene. However, Sunny was reported to have escaped serious injuries and just got bruised in the ribs. The doctor has completely advised rest for Sunny and to stay away from shooting.

The director of the Devang Dholakia said that they were happy that the actress was only injured mildly even when care is taken and priority is given to safety first.