Thursday, November 14, 2013

Vishesh Bhatt to marry girlfriend Kanika Parab

Vishesh Bhatt will soon marry his childhood girlfriend Kanika Parab on November 28. The two have been seeing each other since college days. However, they have been friends since childhood. Murder 3 was the directorial debut for the little-seen Vishesh Bhatt.
During an interview then he had said that if Murder 3 is fares well, then he will have no other option but to get married. He further added that irrespective of the outcome of the film, he will tie the knot with Kanika.
And it must be mentioned that he is a man of his words and won’t move away from his words. As promised, he will now get married with Kanika Parab on November 28. The marriage will materialize in a five-star hotel in Bandra, Mumbai.

Talking about his would-be wife, Vishesh said that in a world of entertainment like Bollywood where things are more superficial, she plays the role of an anchor to him. What’s more, he said that Kanika will always remain a best friend for him.