Thursday, November 10, 2011

The episode of Swami Agnivesh’s Bigg Boss entry telecast

Swami Agnivesh, the well-known social activist entered the house of Bigg Boss. This particular episode was telecast on the Colors channel on Wednesday night. His entry was a very quite affair being symbolic that the Bigg Boss needs a lot of peace, especially after the war of words between Laxmi and Pooja.
Bigg Boss asked Pooja Bedi to come in the confession room. She was startled to see Swami Agnivesh pleasantly seated cross-legged. Bigg Boss then asked Pooja to introduce Swamiji to the other inmates and also asked her to look after his needs.
After the introduction to all the other housemates, the Swamiji spent a few moments with the ‘Princess’ of the house for the week, Ms. Shraddha Sharma. During the conversation, Swami Agnivesh asked Shraddha to make separate arrangements for his stay as he will not stay with other inmates for obvious reasons.
Shraddha Sharma then requested the Bigg Boss to make arrangements for the same. But in between she told the Swami that in a couple of days she will ‘step down’ as the ‘Princess’ of the house and then her special room would be his. However, when the Bigg Boss called her in the confession room, she was asked to shift instead.
When Shraddha told others that she was moving out of her special room, probably Pooja Bedi asked Shraddha if she was asked by Bigg Boss to move out. Shraddha however said that she was making the adjustment on her own. As Bigg Boss had told Shraddha about moving out in the confession room, none knew if Shraddha was speaking the truth. But even if a cat shuts its eyes while drinking the milk, it should not misunderstand that the outside world is not looking at it.