Friday, November 11, 2011

Neha Dhupia to launch e-commerce business

The hot Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is forcing her way in another business apart from her acting career. As she likes it, Neha wants to start her own e-commerce business. She says that it is a field that interests her a lot and that is the reason why she wants to make it another professional side of herself.
Neha Dhupia will be endorsing at least two products online. As a matter of fact, Neha has been contemplating doing online business for many days now. The latest developments seem to be the result of the same efforts that Neha is taking.
If reports to be believed then Neha will be launching a range of lingerie and shoes online.
Neha recently launched the new range of shaving razors from Gillette. She was in New Delhi for the launch. The brand ambassador of Gillette Arjun Rampal and former World Cup wining captain Kapil Dev were also present on the occasion.