Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sonam Kapoor’s middle finger gesture passes censor test

Sonam Kapoor will be seen in Abbas-Mustan’s next film Players. It is film that is in the news for the middle finger gesture. However, it is very surprising that the censor board has passed this specific shot. This means, it will be seen in the film like a normal gesture and there will be nothing unusual about it.
Why it is surprising is because, there has been history of the censor board where it has come down harsh on words, lewd and vulgar gestures or even country flags at times. The Saawariya girl however, will remain in the limelight for the news. The trailer shows Sonam Kapoor showing her raised middle finger as she drives her car.
Why the passing of this shot from the censor board is surprising because, before the release of the film No One Killed Jessica, Rani Mukharjee also had a shot where she shows her raised middle finger. However, the censor board was strict with that one.
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