Friday, February 21, 2014

For Alia Bhatt ‘Highway’ is a blessing in disguise

Alia Bhatt is of the opinion that her upcoming film Highway will come as a blessing in disguise. She felt that there was a fear in her mind about being stereotyped following her first film in the industry. Alia played the role of Shanaya Singhania in her first film.
Student Of The Year was the first film for Alia Bhatt which she did with Karan Johar. She didn’t work with her father though he himself is also a film maker. After her debut she played the role of a ‘baby-doll’ and wished to get away from the role.

That was one of the reasons why Alia accepted ‘Highway’. It is but natural that she didn’t want to be stuck up in a particular role. Let’s see how she performs in this new film as she looks to break off from her old image.