Sunday, February 9, 2014

So what’s Hazel Keech busy these days with?

The foreign import in India, Hazel Keech has found a new love these days. Well, that isn’t what you are thinking. Actually, Hazel Keech is busy learning surfing and she has also enrolled herself for the classes as well. She is currently in Tamil Nadu perusing her surfing love.
Hazel said that it was actually her friend who persuaded her to learn the sport when they were at Puducherry. The Bigg Boss 7 participant further added that she was able to maintain her balance in the very day of the class itself.
The Bodyguard actress said that it is all about feeling yourself on the board and the ocean. Like a veteran, she said that surfing means trusting your body for getting the balance and the momentum.

Well, learning the water sport is alright. But we would like to see some more performances on the silver screen.