Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sherlyn Chopra accuses director of molestation

Sherlyn Chopra has accused director of her film Rupesh Paul of molestation. Sherlyn has been in the news for her latest film Kamasutra 3D and Rupesh Paul is the director of that film. It isn’t molestation the only charge that Sherlyn has against the director, she has even accused him of not paying her Rs. 7 lakhs.
The actress has even submitted a complaint in writing to the Santacruz police, Mumbai about the matter. According to Sherlyn Chopra, the director hasn’t paid the due amount to the reason that she had refused to favor him sexually.
The police have started their primary investigation in the matter after going through the complaint of the actress.

As far as the director’s side is concerned, he has said that there is no truth in the statement given by the actress and that she is a liar. He further added that she tortured them mentally and was pretty demanding at times. She didn’t behave professionally, Rupesh Paul added.