Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is Shah Rukh Khan’s injury more serious?

Shah Rukh Khan has once again got injured about which we had reported to you earlier. It is not the first time that SRK is injured. But every time he is virtually ignoring the injury and this time is also no different. There is no doubt that Shah Rukh is putting up a brave face.
Farah Khan has said about Shah Rukh Khan’s injury that he is putting up a face that the injury is a very minor one. There is another reason for SRK to play down his injury. He does not want the shooting schedules to be affected.
Apart from his previous shoulder injury, there is also the knee injury that SRK has to deal with. Speaking about his injury, Farah said that if it weren’t for SRK, any other actor would have wanted to take rest.

However, the shooting of the film with Farah would resume soon and there would only be low passion scenes so that SRK might not have to put in too much of physical energy.