Saturday, January 18, 2014

Will Ranbir Kapoor host next Bigg Boss season?

Salman Khan has hosted as many as four seasons of the reality show Bigg Boss. Ranbir Kapoor, it is reported, may host the next season of the show. There have been seven seasons of the show so far. Salmon has hosted four of them and it doesn't look like he will host another season.
As a matter of fact Salman Khan himself is reluctant to host another season again. One of the reasons is that he will be with his new show on social causes. This will keep him busy. However, there is another reason why Salman Khan may quit the show.

The superstar was unhappy when the producers brought back Kushal Random on the show. He had showed his displeasure as well. This now gives a chance to Ranbir Kapoor to host any reality show for the first time.
It remains to be seen what approach Ranbir takes when he starts hosting the next season. However, it is very premature to talk about anything right now.