Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ranveer thrashes cameraman after clicking him with Deepika Padukone

A cameraman had to face the brunt of Ranveer Singh after he was seen getting reportedly intimate with his rumored beau Deepika Padukone. These developments are said to have taken place during the party thrown by Ahana Deol on the occasion of her wedding.
As a matter of fact, Ranveer and Deepika were attending the party thrown by the Deols. This is where the lensman got the chance to get a snick peak of the two Bollywood actors.
But the story from Ranveer’s side is, of course to be on the defensive side. His spokesman said that the story sent out in the public and in the media isn’t true. As a matter of fact, the cameraman was clicking photos without the permission of the actor which made him uncomfortable.

The actor asked the cameraman to delete the pictures and never attacked him at any point, he tried to clear the air.