Sunday, March 16, 2014

For Veena Malik India sucks!

Everyone wants fame these days and Veena Malik is one of them. She didn’t think twice to comment negatively in a country (India) where she made money and her bread and butter. “India sucks” is what she said on her Twitter account.
It looks like Veena wants publicity and there is nothing for her at the moment after her marriage.

She has been totally cut off and there is no reason why she can be in the news right now. So, to make a controversial statement or to make a publicity stunt is a common thing to be back in the news.
There is also a tweet image to second the negative thoughts of Veena Malik about India. That is not all, Veena has even re-tweeted a news item that was about the molestation of a German student in New Delhi.

Veena has recently married an entrepreneur based in Dubai and since then has literally vanished into thin air.