Saturday, November 3, 2012

Amisha Patel refuses spicy item song

Unlike the past, when even the top rated actresses aren’t downplaying item songs, Amisha Patel is the one who is going the other way round. Believe it or not, she has refused an offer of a spicy item song that has come her way. It is also understood that the Bollywood actress was offered a huge amount for the song.
It looks as if Amisha is giving more importance to the quality rather than the bucks she would have got for the song. The offer for the song had come for a south Indian film. The producers of the film were ready to work according to Amisha’s conditions.
The pay was not a problem and neither were the dates. They were ready to work as per her schedule. The film song was supposed to be shot in at least three locations. She was in demand after her shoot for the sunglasses became extremely popular.
Amisha Patel has already her hands full of Bollywood projects. However, the reason for her refusing the item song offer is still perplexing because the makers were ready to wait for her dates.