Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Claudia Ciesla is well-versed in Khiladi 786 item song

After Hazel Keech, here is another news piece from former Bigg Boss inmate Claudia Ciesla. Claudia will be seen in Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Khiladi 786. The good thing about the German model is that she will be seen in the item song Sigdi. Her Indian fans will be seeing her after a lot of days thanks to the film.
When she was in the Bigg Boss house, she was trying to learn Hindi. It has been more than two years now and there is no problem for Claudia Ciesla to be able to speak in the Indian language. Claudia said that she can speak the Indian tongue and therefore had no problem for doing the song.
The 25 year old model said that the important thing was to understand the meaning of the lyrics, which would give her the extra ability to express herself. When she was seen practicing for the song, she was humming it as well. So, it looks as if there should be no problem for Claudia Ciesla in doing the item song successfully and effectively.
Claudia Ciesla came in the limelight during the third season of Bigg Boss. There is no wonder that Bollywood has become the first love for Claudia Ciesla.