Thursday, November 1, 2012

Father’s death forces Karishma Kotak to leave Bigg Boss house

Karishma Kotak, one of the inmates of the Bigg Boss house had to leave the house due to her father’s death. Her father was suffering from liver sclerosis and finally breathed his last after fighting the illness for some time. It was a stay of around one month of the model before her untimely exit due to an unfortunate incident.
It was a rather secluded stay for the model inside the Bigg Boss house as she tried to remain aloof from all controversies. It was just about the time when she had begun to get involved with other inmates of the house that she had to leave. She was hardly starting to mingle up with other people.
From her early days in the house, she was close to Niketan and later on with Navjot Singh Sidhu. She was mostly a reserved type of a person.