Friday, November 9, 2012

Another adult star Priya Rai to enter Bigg Boss

As if the entry of the famous adult star Sunny Leone wasn’t enough for India, Priya Rai, another adult star of Indian origin, is set to enter the Bigg Boss house. It looks like the producers of the show are taking all the possible efforts to raise the TRPs and what better could it get than roping in porn stars?
Priya Rai is a lady of Indian origin who is in the adult industry just like Sunny Leone. However, when she was just two years old, it is said that, her biological parents had abandoned her. But she was lucky to have been adopted by a US couple. Priya Rai will make a guest appearance on the reality show.
Before this, bombshells like Pamela Anderson and Sunny Leone were seen on the show. It should be noted that the makers of the show had promised that the sixth season would be a family show, taking into account the violence in the last edition.
However, with the presence of an adult star like Priya Rai, the question again raises about the viewership of the show.