Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diana Penty refuses Rs. 40 lakhs chance

In what could have been the first ever stage show for the Cocktail actress Diana Penty, the actress reportedly refused to accept the offer of Rs. 40 lakhs. She was offered the sum to perform at an awards show. The events company that was planning to host the show had asked her to perform to her film numbers.
Daaru Desi and Tumhi Ho Bandhu were the two numbers she was asked to perform for which she was being offered the sum in question. The organizing committee of the awards show also claimed that it was the amount that they offered to a debutant.
Then why did Diana Penty refuse the Rs. 40 lakhs that was being offered to her? Did she want to have an even heftier pay check? Or was she being too ambitious? Well, as a matter of fact, Diana Penty was in no position to accept the offer as she was bound by a contract already. That is what denied her the permission to go ahead.
The awards show was during the same period as that of the brand event for which was supposed to be present already. Diana Penty had no option but to reject the offer. It was due to pure helplessness that the actress had to refuse the offer.