Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gitanjali jewellery brand signs Amisha Patel

After being popular and successful with a sunglasses brand that Amisha Patel recently signed, another brand – the Gitanjali jewellery brand has come forward to sign her Bollywood actress. For some months now she has been having a hectic schedule with the sunglasses brand. But the Gitanjali jewellery brand was still keen to sign Amisha.
Amisha Patel was in the capital city of India when she was formally announced as the face of the Gitanjali jewellery brand. Amisha confirmed the news herself. She said that she was proud to represent the brand and it was great to be a part of the company.
She further added that it was the personal life for her that had taken a front seat in her life for some days now. However, being amongst the brands and advertising has brought her to her original position, she said. She also said that it would also try to please the audience through her performance as well – referring to her return on the big screen.