Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emraan Hashmi to have full song in his debut Hollywood film

Emraan Hashmi has certainly carved a niche for himself in Bollywood. Hollywood has also taken a note of this and the producers of his first ever Hollywood film have decided to shoot a full song on the actor. Emraan Hashmi might not be a superstar and have many hit films under his belt. However, his songs have certainly gone on to become hits.
This is probably what the makers of the film are contemplating and have gone ahead with the idea of having one full song to be shot on the ‘serial-kisser’. Unlike Bollywood, most Hollywood films are not known to have songs in them. However, Danis Tanovic, the Oscar winner has decided to make this rule an exception.
The writer and director, Danis Tanovic, did not sign Emraan blindly. Actually he watched many of Emraan’s films and was very much aware of the fact that his songs have done better than his films, commercially. This is the point that Danis Tanovic wants to exploit and had that in mind when he signed the Indian actor.
The production house has made this sure that the song will be a mixture of English as well as Hindi. This is more likely to appeal to the international audience in this way.