Friday, September 13, 2013

Is Salman Khan charging Rs. 5 crore per Bigg Boss episode?

Bigg Boss season 7 will shortly get underway and there are news and rumors that Salman Khan is charging Rs. 5 crore per Bigg Boss episode that makes it Rs. 130 crores for 26 episodes. However, when Salman himself was asked this question, he asked to play guessing games by saying that the cheques he receives are actually fatter.
As a matter of fact, Salman Khan will be seen in a double role in this reality show and that could be the reason why he has doubled his fees from the previous season. Actually, the media reported his answer as ‘Salman joked ….’ This again shows that no one knows the exact sum.
Salman has been associated with the show for a long time now and this will be the fourth season that he will be hosting. This time, the theme for the show is hell and heaven and that’s why Salman will also be seen in these two roles.

Speaking about his role, Salman Khan said that all of us have these two sides – the devilish and the angelic. We can bring out the values by repressing the negative sides.