Thursday, September 19, 2013

Liz Hurley terms break-up with Shane Warne as personal

Elizabeth Hurley, who is better known as Liz Hurley, has broken up with Australian spin great Shane Warne. She has termed this break up as extremely personal to share. The model has sent her apologies to the Twitter followers yesterday as she was unable to send any updates.
However, there was a heartbreaking tweet that confirmed the split. The Mirror has reported these developments between the two celebrities who made successful careers in different forms of life.
The two of them had announced the split of their respective relationship and had declared that they were moving ahead with each other. They were visibly pretty happy when they had announced their relationship. The way Liz tweeted about the breakup on social networking site then too the two had come public through social sites.

Things didn’t look well between the two for some time now as it is reported that the two hadn’t tweeted (any message for each other) for almost three weeks now.