Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shah Rukh Khan says no to Marathi

Shah Rukh Khan somehow managed to avoid speaking in the Marathi language during the dahi handi celebrations in Mumbai recently. He was invited as a special celebrity to be present on the occasion. He did attend the show and played an active part in it as well. However, that was on his terms.
He danced to the tunes of some of his own songs as people also rejoiced. The songs of the films include Devdas, Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Don. It was an awesome moment as SRK was totally drenched in the common man around him.
The celebrations, which were organized by the MNS, could have gone wrong when the crowd asked Shah Rukh Khan to speak in Marathi. The request to speak in Marathi came after his speech of around 15 minutes. What Shah Rukh did was instead of speaking in Marathi, he handed over the mike to the MNS leader, Ram Kadam.

However, Ram Kadam came to the rescue in the situation and as per SRK’s request he translated the speech in Marathi. It was a saving grace on the part of the MNS leader.